Episode 6: Wild Magic

Rebecca and Joan discuss traumatized teenagers, the pitfalls of pacifism, and what the heck sentience is. Also featured: the Pine Marten’s Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and the Marinara Trench.

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2 Replies to “Episode 6: Wild Magic”

  1. Aana Gamble

    I never owned my own horse, but I did ride them a lot. I think blowing in their nose really does work, although I always did it really softly, not like blowing out candles haha. I think horses breathe into each other’s noses a lot, so maybe it is something they recognize as an introduction. Also, as a biologist, I can say that some types of bees do perform dance movements, and it’s usually as a way to signal the distance and direction to resources like food and water. There is still a lot of ongoing research into the dance behavior, but it also includes chemical and even electrical signaling. Bees are really sensitive to pheromones too, so if a bumblebee lands on a flower or something, it can release pheromones to attract other bees to the resource. Not sure that answers your question but that’s all I know haha… 🙂

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