Episode 10: Immortals Recap

Episode 10: The Immortals Quartet Recap. Rebecca and Joan discuss Daine’s arc over the series, best places to expand the canon, and who on earth is the MVP?? Coming Up: Our favorite strong and silent type.


Music by Jacob Eichhorn
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Show art by Britt A. Willis
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One Reply to “Episode 10: Immortals Recap”

  1. Lauren Peters

    Hahaha, I feel called out that y’all mentioned that Immortals might resonate more with someone who was really into animals and connection with nature. And you are right! I am an only child and our pets were siblings to me, and I really enjoyed their company more than I did other children. I could understand animals more than I could people, and that’s still somewhat true. I also took my passion for animals and nature and became an environmental scientist… So it’s probably not a surprise that I would want to talk to, heal, or turn into an animal. I wanted to be Daine. Also, though I do recognize and acknowledge that their relationship is creepy and doesn’t translate to modern day, I was totally into Numair. I mean I did find Jeff Goldblum sexy in Jurassic Park, but then you couple that with him being a powerful Merlin-esque mage and an intellectual who I wanted to have in my life. I was also a gifted child in a very small town (hmm, Sebring is like Snowsdale) that is ultra conservative, and so I just felt like I would not meet anyone else intellectually on my level until leaving for college.

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