BONUS EPISODE: Tortallan Roundtable #1

Rebecca and Joan are joined by booksellers, theatre-makers, old friends, and real-life siblings, Danny and Cecilia Cackley for the first Tortallan Roundtable! Conversations include first discoveries of Tortall, Tamora Pierce’s place in the wider field of children’s literature, a sneak peak at her Emalan universe, and a trip to all of our memory palaces. 

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One Reply to “BONUS EPISODE: Tortallan Roundtable #1”

  1. Lauren Peters

    So, I love Myles as MVP, and I too struggled with finding an MVP for Immortals (I did consider Kitten), but ultimately I chose Cloud for MVP. She is capital P People after all. My reasoning was that she is sort of a surrogate mother for Daine. She’s saucy and she gives very practical advice and yes, Onua is awesome and gave Daine a job but Daine would never have gotten to Cria if Cloud didn’t overcome her natural fear of wolves and bite Daine’s arms in order to wake her out of her wolf fantasy/Inigo Montoya you killed my family prepare to die state. Cloud is almost always there for Daine and is ready to throw down for her. She’s the real ride or die (all puns intended). So, there’s my pitch for Cloud as MVP.

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