Episode 25: Tortallan Roundtable Redux

Rebecca and Joan welcome you back to the Tortallan Roundtable, featuring a conversation with a literal expert writing her PhD on Tamora Pierce and a whole panoply of listener submissions!


Music by Jacob Eichhorn
Instagram: @eichjj8

Show art by Britt A. Willis
Website: www.brittanyalysewillis.com
Twitter: @feelingfickle


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2 Replies to “Episode 25: Tortallan Roundtable Redux”

  1. Coco

    Such an informative podcast about scholarship & research-nice to learn more about fantasy studies in UK, too. Your interviewee, Grace Worm, was interesting & funny.

  2. Chervey Fan

    Hi! You mentioned that some listeners went to the same tattoo artist for their Tamora Pierce tattoos. Would you happen to have info on that artist?

    Having so much fun reliving my favorites with you all!

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