• Episode 2.18: Leftovers, Part 2

    Rebecca and Joan reflect on reading Beka and police brutality, how exactly the Emelan magic system goes off the rails, and the pure gold that is Raoul of Goldenlake. *chef’s […]

  • Episode 2.17: Leftovers, Part 1

    Rebecca & Joan revisit Tortallan gender and sexuality studies , Emelan coping mechanisms, and inexplicable deities. #SpookyRoomBusiness Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.16: Stories & Spies

    Rebecca and Joan discuss Nawat’s …unorthodox… parenting, trees who turn into men, and the Easter Egg basket that is Tortall: A Spy’s Guide. Watch out for bodily fluids (ope!)    […]

  • Episode 2.15: Emelan Recap

    Rebecca and Joan compare reading Emelan vs. Tortall, choose their Living Circle Temple, and give advice to their 18-year-old selves. BONUS CABBAGE MAN. Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.14: The Circle Reforged Recap

    Rebecca and Joan discuss what the Circle kiddos would think of their adult selves, get in a good round of Dinner And A Raiding Party, and (somehow) choose an MVP […]

  • Episode 2.13: Battle Magic

    Rebecca and Joan finally discuss what happened in Gyongxi, cinematic villains, and oodles of baby animals. DID YOU KNOW THAT ‘KID’ CAN ALSO REFER TO A CHILD?? Check out this […]

  • Episode 2.12: Melting Stones

    Rebecca and Joan discuss rerouting a volcanic eruption, whether Evvy is on Mountain Time or just kind of cranky sometimes, and vivid geological memories.  Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 […]

  • Episode 2.11: The Will of the Empress

    Rebecca and Joan discuss getting the gang back together, thorny (aha) sexual politics, and the meaning of friendship.  Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 Show art by Britt A. Willis […]

  • Episode 2.10: The Circle Opens Recap

    Rebecca and Joan recap the Circle Opens Quartet, try to understand the vagaries of magic, and struggle to find an MVP. So much murder!  Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.9: Shatterglass

    Rebecca and Joan discuss lightning strikes, Tris’s lack of patience for inequality, and things from our past that are no longer serving us well in the present. Also contains: Questionable […]