• Episode 50: Grand Finale…For Now!

    Rebecca and Joan reflect on two years of Tortallan Knights, plan their ideal vacation, and say goodbye, at least for now. Until next time <3  Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.19: Tortallan Roundtable: Sam Maggs

    Rebecca and Joan welcome you back to the Tortallan Roundtable for a discussion with writer and fandom expert Sam Maggs. We talked faves and anti-faves, women in fantasy, and why […]

  • Episode 2.18: Leftovers, Part 2

    Rebecca and Joan reflect on reading Beka and police brutality, how exactly the Emelan magic system goes off the rails, and the pure gold that is Raoul of Goldenlake. *chef’s […]

  • Episode 2.17: Leftovers, Part 1

    Rebecca & Joan revisit Tortallan gender and sexuality studies , Emelan coping mechanisms, and inexplicable deities. #SpookyRoomBusiness Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.16: Stories & Spies

    Rebecca and Joan discuss Nawat’s …unorthodox… parenting, trees who turn into men, and the Easter Egg basket that is Tortall: A Spy’s Guide. Watch out for bodily fluids (ope!)    […]

  • Episode 2.15: Emelan Recap

    Rebecca and Joan compare reading Emelan vs. Tortall, choose their Living Circle Temple, and give advice to their 18-year-old selves. BONUS CABBAGE MAN. Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.14: The Circle Reforged Recap

    Rebecca and Joan discuss what the Circle kiddos would think of their adult selves, get in a good round of Dinner And A Raiding Party, and (somehow) choose an MVP […]

  • Episode 2.13: Battle Magic

    Rebecca and Joan finally discuss what happened in Gyongxi, cinematic villains, and oodles of baby animals. DID YOU KNOW THAT ‘KID’ CAN ALSO REFER TO A CHILD?? Check out this […]

  • Episode 2.12: Melting Stones

    Rebecca and Joan discuss rerouting a volcanic eruption, whether Evvy is on Mountain Time or just kind of cranky sometimes, and vivid geological memories.  Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 […]

  • Episode 2.11: The Will of the Empress

    Rebecca and Joan discuss getting the gang back together, thorny (aha) sexual politics, and the meaning of friendship.  Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 Show art by Britt A. Willis […]