• Episode 2.8: Cold Fire

    Rebecca and Joan discuss arson in a frozen city, Frostpine’s extreme aversion to the cold, and what it really means to be a hero. May your profits stay high and […]

  • Episode 2.7: Street Magic

    Rebecca and Joan discuss gang warfare, Orientalism (unfortunately), and some rocks that rock. Feat: the Scariest Fertilizer.   Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 Show art by Britt A. Willis […]

  • Episode 2.6: Magic Steps

    Rebecca and Joan discuss murder most foul and whether Sandry gets a fair shake, and demo some truly magical dances. Plus, some underwear shenanigans…  JEWEL BOX: https://youtu.be/6a27hzSzTZw Music by Jacob […]

  • Episode 2.5: Circle of Magic Recap

    Rebecca and Joan recap the Circle of Magic Quartet, ponder our magical dissertation committees, and name Emelan’s first MVP.  Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.4: Briar’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan acknowledge the weirdness of reading this book during a pandemic, discuss fantasy epidemiology, and share a poem for Joan’s trees. #StayAtHome Check out this episode!

  • BONUS: Daja in the Beforetime

    Rebecca and Joan share with you their first-ever foray into podcasting – the Daja’s Book episode they recorded as a rehearsal for Tortallan Knights. We’ve been keeping it a secret, […]

  • Episode 2.3: Daja’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan discuss raging wildfires, the perils of fantasy Redbull, and your relationship to the communities you come from. AKA: Finding Your Roots™.    Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: […]

  • Episode 2.2 Tris’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan discuss angry weather witches, how to (not) reconcile with bad family members, and what you can do to help a foster kid near you. It’s electric!    […]

  • Episode 2.1: Sandry’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan discuss more traumatized kiddos, the beauty of making things, and whether or not you can apologize to a fictional character. (Spoiler: You can.) Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.0: Welcome to Emelan Dayz!

    Rebecca and Joan, fresh off their Tortallan Knights series, embark on a new expedition through Tamora Pierce’s other fantasy series. Onwards to Emelan! Check out this episode!