• Episode 2.10: The Circle Opens Recap

    Rebecca and Joan recap the Circle Opens Quartet, try to understand the vagaries of magic, and struggle to find an MVP. So much murder!  Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.9: Shatterglass

    Rebecca and Joan discuss lightning strikes, Tris’s lack of patience for inequality, and things from our past that are no longer serving us well in the present. Also contains: Questionable […]

  • Episode 2.8: Cold Fire

    Rebecca and Joan discuss arson in a frozen city, Frostpine’s extreme aversion to the cold, and what it really means to be a hero. May your profits stay high and […]

  • Episode 2.7: Street Magic

    Rebecca and Joan discuss gang warfare, Orientalism (unfortunately), and some rocks that rock. Feat: the Scariest Fertilizer.   Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 Show art by Britt A. Willis […]

  • Episode 2.6: Magic Steps

    Rebecca and Joan discuss murder most foul and whether Sandry gets a fair shake, and demo some truly magical dances. Plus, some underwear shenanigans…  JEWEL BOX: https://youtu.be/6a27hzSzTZw Music by Jacob […]

  • Episode 2.5: Circle of Magic Recap

    Rebecca and Joan recap the Circle of Magic Quartet, ponder our magical dissertation committees, and name Emelan’s first MVP.  Check out this episode!

  • Episode 2.4: Briar’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan acknowledge the weirdness of reading this book during a pandemic, discuss fantasy epidemiology, and share a poem for Joan’s trees. #StayAtHome Check out this episode!

  • BONUS: Daja in the Beforetime

    Rebecca and Joan share with you their first-ever foray into podcasting – the Daja’s Book episode they recorded as a rehearsal for Tortallan Knights. We’ve been keeping it a secret, […]

  • Episode 2.3: Daja’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan discuss raging wildfires, the perils of fantasy Redbull, and your relationship to the communities you come from. AKA: Finding Your Roots™.    Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: […]

  • Episode 2.2 Tris’s Book

    Rebecca and Joan discuss angry weather witches, how to (not) reconcile with bad family members, and what you can do to help a foster kid near you. It’s electric!    […]