• Episode 9: The Realms of the Gods

    Rebecca and Joan discuss the romance elephant in the room, whether the Divine Realms would be any fun, and their backlogged prayers to the small gods. More like DragonYEET amirite?? […]

  • Episode 8: Emperor Mage

    Episode 8: Emperor Mage. Rebecca and Joan discuss fresh Carthaki living, the freedom of anger, and how to properly honor the gods of the dead. BYO Undead Dinosaur Army!   […]

  • Episode 7: Wolf-Speaker

    Rebecca and Joan discuss Daine’s evolving relationship with “monsters,” whether sexism applies to wolves, and tips for reading up on conservation and sustainability. (Is this secretly a werewolf book??)   […]

  • Episode 6: Wild Magic

    Rebecca and Joan discuss traumatized teenagers, the pitfalls of pacifism, and what the heck sentience is. Also featured: the Pine Marten’s Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and the Marinara Trench. Check […]

  • Episode 5: Song of the Lioness Recap

    Episode 5: Song of the Lioness Recap. Rebecca and Joan discuss reading the Alanna books then and now, fantastic fanfic opportunities, and choosing an MVP for the Lioness quartet. Next […]