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  • Episode 25: Tortallan Roundtable Redux

    Rebecca and Joan welcome you back to the Tortallan Roundtable, featuring a conversation with a literal expert writing her PhD on Tamora Pierce and a whole panoply of listener submissions! […]

  • Episode 24: Tortall Recap

    Rebecca and Joan discuss what makes a Tamora Pierce heroine, write letters to their younger selves, and choose a Cabbage Man. Warning: tears ahead!   Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: […]

  • Episode 23: Tempests and Slaughter

    Rebecca and Joan discuss traumatized glam princelings, toxic friendships, and trying to explain what trust feels like. Get these adjunct mage professors into a union! Check out this episode!

  • Episode 22 – Beka Cooper Recap

    Rebecca and Joan discuss the Cooper family, pick the best vigilante squads this side of the Eastern Lands, and check out a whole slate of MVPs. Up next: Yer a […]

  • Episode 21: Mastiff

    Rebecca and Joan discuss rescuing the prince, a heartbreaking betrayal, and the realities of human trafficking. Also butt magic???   Jewel Box Resources on Human Trafficking United Nations Page on […]

  • Episode 20 – Bloodhound

    Rebecca and Joan discuss tracking down counterfeiters, the terror of people who want to watch the world burn, and what money even is anyway. Come for the fantasy naming conventions, […]

  • Episode 19: Terrier

    Rebecca and Joan discuss Corus’ rough and tumble past, clock Beka’s code-switching, and pitch a Provost’s Dogs miniseries. #BorkBork Check out this episode!

  • Episode 18 – Trickster Recap

    Rebecca and Joan discuss the legacies of Aly’s parents, return to kiss-marry-kill, and decide whether being good at lying is the same as being a liar. Up Next: Law and […]

  • Episode 17: Trickster’s Queen

    Episode 17: Trickster’s Queen: Rebecca and Joan discuss the practicalities of rebellion, Aly’s character, and Tricksters worldwide. Nestlings need not apply!!   Music by Jacob Eichhorn Instagram: @eichjj8 Show art […]

  • Episode 16: Trickster’s Choice

    Rebecca and Joan discuss being sixteen, widespread colonialism, and excellent Dadvice. Toto, we’re not in Tortall anymore. Check out this episode!