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  • Episode 7: Wolf-Speaker

    Rebecca and Joan discuss Daine’s evolving relationship with “monsters,” whether sexism applies to wolves, and tips for reading up on conservation and sustainability. (Is this secretly a werewolf book??)   […]

  • Episode 6: Wild Magic

    Rebecca and Joan discuss traumatized teenagers, the pitfalls of pacifism, and what the heck sentience is. Also featured: the Pine Marten’s Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and the Marinara Trench. Check […]

  • Episode 5: Song of the Lioness Recap

    Episode 5: Song of the Lioness Recap. Rebecca and Joan discuss reading the Alanna books then and now, fantastic fanfic opportunities, and choosing an MVP for the Lioness quartet. Next […]

  • Episode 4 – Lioness Rampant

    Episode 4: Lioness Rampant. Rebecca and Joan discuss Alanna’s monster-fighting prowess, the failures of previous generations, and some bangin’ Lioness tunes. I feel the earth move under my feet? Music […]

  • Episode 3 – The Woman Who Rides Like A Man

    Episode 3: The Woman Who Rides Like A Man. Rebecca and Joan discuss fleeing to the desert to avoid your feelings, unpacking the Bazhir, and ordinary eyes on extraordinary events. […]

  • Episode 2: In the Hand of The Goddess

    Episode 2: In the Hand of the Goddess. Rebecca and Joan discuss surviving both war and being 15, questionable dating practices, and actual jewels. Stranger Danger: Roger of Conte edition. […]

  • Episode 1: Alanna the First Adventure

    Episode 1: Alanna the First Adventure. Rebecca and Joan discuss the impossibility of ever telling red-headed twins what to do, lies and truth, and advice to gifted girls who are […]

  • Episode 0: Knight Time

    Episode 0: Knight Time. Rebecca and Joan discuss who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re all here rereading these in the first place. Thanks, Tamora Pierce! Music by […]